Holiday Club 2017 Registration Form
Please use the date format dd/mm/yyyy
Some of our games/prizes are food based. Please make us aware if there are any allergies your child has.
Please make us aware of any special medication your child may need to carry with them during the club.
If we need to contact whilst the club is running, this is the number we will use
This is the email address we will send confirmation of your child's place to.
Your postal address
We will be doing some activities in smaller groups. Please give the name/s of any other children your child would like to be in a group with. This could include siblings too.
We are planning to have a 'Parent/Carer lounge' whilst the club is on and would like an idea of the likely demand in order to staff it correctly. Please indicate if you would take advantage of it or not.
If you agree, we will send you an email the next time we run a holiday club or special event to let you know about it. We will not pass on your details to anyone outside of the church.
If your child's photo is used it will only be used for the purpose of publicising future church holiday clubs via printed media or via our website.