Lessons from the Acts of the Apostles – John Savage

3rd October 2017 John Savage Series: The Acts of the Apostles In this message John Savage teaches from the Acts of the Apostles about our need to be open, available and responsive to God. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: availability,Faith,Openness,responsiveness

Making wise choices

Making wise choices

6th March 2016 (Sunday Service) Bible Text: Jeremiah 1:5 | John Savage Series: Back to Basics In this message in our back to basics series, John encourages us to make wise choices in our lives.  The choices we make impact our God given purpose, and either lead us towards that purpose or away from it.  Those choices lead us into God’s great desire for intimate fellowship with us or away from Him in independence. John’s notes are available below and his Powerpoint slides are available HERE   Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Making wise choices

To know and carry the presence of God

10th January 2016 (Sunday Service) Bible Text: Ezekiel 1 | John Savage Series: Back to Basics In this message John Savage shares about how we are carriers of His presence wherever we go.  He also exhorts us to learn to steward the good things God has given to each of us.   Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: To know and carry the presence of God

Abraham – A friend of God

22nd November 2015 (Sunday Service) Bible Text: Genesis 12 | John Savage Series: Faith In this message John shares about the story of Abraham and the importance of listening and responding to God’s instructions.  Abraham was instructed to ‘Get out of his country” to a place that God would show Him, even though Abraham didn’t know the path or the destination. This walk of courage, faith and obedience is what we too are called to. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: courage,Faith,obedience

Lessons on overcoming from the story of Lazurus

20th September 2015 (Sunday Service) Bible Text: John 11:17-40 | John Savage In this message John gives us keys and observations from Lazurus’s story that help us overcome: unbelief fear disappointment opposition jealousy and rivalry fear of the past in our lives. Be encouraged and strengthened in your walk with Jesus. As well as the sermon notes John has made his powerpoint presentation that accompanied the sermon available here   Download FilesMP3Notes

Renewal in Discipleship

28th June 2015 (Sunday Service) Bible Text: Daniel 1 | John Savage Series: Renewal In this message John Savage shares about a renewal in discipleship.  He shares about the spiritual key of discipline within our discipleship, and the training and equipping that takes place when we follow spiritual disciplines as followers (disciples) of our Lord Jesus Christ. As part of this message John showed a video clip, however we had a technical hiccup and the sound wasn’t present.  I have uploaded that clip HERE for you to enjoy. Download FilesMP3Notes Sermon Topics: Discipleship