A message from David Elms – November 2016

We received this message from Dave Elms via the Kingsway Facebook page:

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me.
According to the surgeons who saved my life, I was very fortunate and it was unexpected by them I would be joining the two out of ten who pulled through from a ruptured aortic, abdominal aneurism… I didn’t know what is was beforehand either.
Well I will be forever grateful for the skill and care of amazing medical staff and thank the Lord for the gift of hospitals. However, what they could not put into the equation is ultimately what I believe saved my life PRAYER to the most High God. I am deeply humbled the numbers of cards, prayer meetings and support that took place on my behalf.
I thank the Lord for so many on Merseyside and beyond who cried out for my deliverance. I thank you my friends across the world especially those who were in Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles, expecting me to join them but who ended up interceding and asking the Mighty God of Israel to raise me up.

I bless the Lord hearing from friends from long ago who we have not been in contact with yet who responded to the prayer call. Thank you for so many gracious words.

Thank you my friends in the Jewish community for your moving prayers and uplifting messages of support.

Thank you my immediate and extended family for amazing love and support. All of this love and prayer has brought me out of a coma and back in my own bed! Please pray for my brother in law Peter who until this was the focus of our family prayers as he is suffering from non Hodgkin’s lymphoma disease. He and my sister Sandra have been so loving in spite of their own challenges.

I want to thank my second spiritual home family at Billinge Family church for wonderful support and prayer. I want to thank Mike Kerry, an amazing friend, who has taken on so many of my responsibilities immediately, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency, especially poignant as Mike, Marion and their family have so many personal challenges particularly with little Hope and her treatment for a brain tumour. Thank you Mike and the ICEJ board.

Especially though, I want to thank our beautiful church Kingsway Christian Fellowship led by Pastor Rob a man of great faith and prayer. Kingsway, your indefatigable kindness towards me and my family can never be repaid.
Practical help in providing meals and support that enabled my daughter to come from Cyprus have shown a faith that is more than words.

May the Lord repay you for what you have done. Ruth 2:12
On this earth I will always thank God for the most amazing gift of my wife Gwyn. I am humbled by her love
and support through the darkest of nights. She is an amazing woman who is worth far more than rubies or jewels

Proverbs 31
Above all thank you My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for hearing the prayers of your people and giving me the gift of life. May I use what you have given for your glory and honour.  I am back home, but I am quite weak and realise it will take a while for my strength to come back. Simple things such as speaking leave me exhausted – I bet that surprised you! So I think my recuperation will be longer than I had expected.
However I will put into practice what I have told so many over the years – those who wait on the Lord renew their strength. I don’t know what the future holds but I know who holds the future. This has shown me that we can take nothing for granted and must hold everything lightly.

Bless you my friends and thank you once again for your amazing love and faithfulness.

High and Lifted Up

I found this part of a wonderful poem today on Facebook.  I thought I would share it with you.

“God, the God I love and worship, reigns in sorrow on the Tree,
Broken, bleeding, but unconquered, very God of God to me.
All that showy pomp of splendour, all that sheen of angel wings,
Was but borrowed from the baubles that surround our earthly kings.
Thought is weak and speech is weaker, and the vision that He sees
Strikes with dumbness any preacher, brings him humbly to his knees.
But the word that Thou hast spoken borrows nought from kings and thrones,
Vain to rack a royal palace for the echo of Thy tones.
In a manger, in a cottage, in an honest workman’s shed,
In the homes of humble peasants, and the simple lives they led,
In the life of one an outcast and a vagabond on earth,
In the common things He valued, and proclaimed of priceless worth,
And above all in the horror of the cruel death He died,
Thou hast bid us seek Thy glory, in a criminal crucified.
And we find it – for Thy glory is the glory of Love’s loss,
And Thou hast no other splendour but the splendour of the Cross.
For in Christ I see the martyrs and the beauty of their pain,
And in Him I hear the promise that my dead shall rise again.
High and lifted up, I see Him on the eternal Calvary,
And two piercèd hands are stretching east and west o’er land and sea.
On my knees I fall and worship that great Cross that shines above,
For the very God of Heaven is not Power, but Power of Love.”

Written by G.A. Studdert Kennedy, from his poem “High and Lifted Up”

The full poem can be read here