Whats it all about

If you are new to Kingsway or to church in general and are wondering ‘What’s this church all about?’ then you are on the right page!

We are redesigning this section and soon we will have some useful videos to introduce you to our pastors, show you the key features of our building and give you a glimpse of what a typical Sunday service is like so coming to church doesn’t seem so daunting.

In the meantime I’ll break down this section into logistical information (about our building and main Sunday services) and an introduction to the church from our senior pastor Rob Payet.

Our Building and Services

Our building is fully accessible (we have a lift to our main hall for those with mobility issues and a disabled toilet). We have a team of stewards and welcomers each week that are tasked with helping you feel both comfortable and welcome.

Our service starts at 11.00am and finishes at 12.30pm.  Usually a service consists of sung worship (we have a good worship band!), Bible teaching/encouragement and prayer. At 11.30am the children go to their classes where they are encouraged and taught by DBS certified team members.  The pre-schoolers go to Kindlers, our reception to year 3 kids go to Kids Church 1, our year 4 to 6 kids go to Kids Church 2 and our secondary aged children go to youth church.

We all reconvene at 12.30pm at the end of the service for refreshments, including tea/coffee and biscuits (Some teams serve hot chocolate!). There are lots of friendly people to meet.

We also have an evening service at 6.30pm that runs every Sunday evening except the first Sunday in a month (that one is reserved for our monthly prayer meeting).  If you prefer a less crowded main hall and more testimony of what God is doing in people’s lives, then this service offers that for you.

What do I wear?

We don’t have a formal dress code so feel free to turn up in anything you feel comfortable in that is appropriate.  As the associate pastor here I’m happiest in jeans and a top.

What do you believe?

You can find out that on this page

What is our church like?

Here is what Pastor Rob Payet (our Senior Pastor) has to say about our church.

We are a people passionate about loving God and a place where people really do matter.  We like to call church ‘Family – The family of God’.

Kingsway is a place where you and your family are loved and valued.

A body of believers where every joint supplies and where you can be yourself.  No need to wear masks!

A place of discovery, where you can find your God given gifts and use them!

A place of growth, where you can grow in the plan God has for your life

A loving community where you are loved and accepted for who you are and where you can be with friends.

A place of prayer and devotion where you can connect with God.

A place of inspiring worship, where you can freely express your love for God.

A place of healing and restoration.  Come as you are, God is able to heal and restore our brokenness. Old things are gone, behold the new has come!

A place of learning and equipping, with inspiring and practical teaching from the Bible.

A place for the whole family.  Young and old are all welcome and valued.

Most importantly, a place where you can find Jesus!

Find out more about our vision and if you would like to visit you are most welcome.