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Bible Text: Habakkuk 3 | Preacher: David Elms | Series: Renewal In this message Founding Pastor David Elms encourages us in our faith, through the good and the difficult times.  He also shares from John 15 about our need to stay close to God and abide in the vine.
Preacher: Roy Morgan | Series: Renewal In this sermon Roy Morgan shares with us about how we should live as ambassadors of Christ within God's world.
Bible Text: Romans 12:1-6 | Preacher: Rob Payet | Series: Renewal In this message Rob shares about God's plans for our lives and the importance of being attentive to His plan by offering ourselves wholeheartedly as 'living sacrifices' to the Lord.  In it Rob begins to unpack what our service to God should look like.
Bible Text: Acts 1:8 | Preacher: David Elms | Series: Pentecost In this message Dave Elms shares a message on the feast of Pentecost and invites others to share their experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit's tremendous transformative power.
Bible Text: Romans 12:1-16 | Preacher: John Savage | Series: Renewal In this message John Savage speaks about the importance of having a right attitude towards yourself and others.   The three main lesson points are: Becoming a living sacrifice Examine your own motives regarding giftings Don't be a hurting or lazy people  

Renewal in…

10th May 2015
Bible Text: John 15:5 | Preacher: Tino Todino | Series: Renewal In this message Tino begins to reveal what he and Rob have been hearing from the Lord in this season of transition and what it might look like within Kingsway Christian Fellowship. Namely a renewal in: Personal Relationship with God Community Mission