Small groups are a vital part of any church.  We were all made by God to relate to others in friendship and fellowship and ‘do life’ together.  ‘No man’s an island’ as the song says!

We are excited to be launching a new type of small group in September 2017!  We will be using the Whiteboard Bible DVD and workbook materials kindly provided by Pastor G.Allen Jackson and Pastor Malcolm Hedding to learn how the Bible tells the story of God from Genesis to Revelation.

The groups will take place in “seasons”.  Each season is a 6 or 7 week block where small groups meet once per week for 1 hour a week.  There will be 3 seasons a year for small groups meaning that to attend you only need to commit an hour a week for 18 weeks of the year.  In between those seasons we will have time to flow with the rhythm of the natural church calendar taking in Christmas, Easter, Pentecost etc.

Perfect for busy people!

Also, you do not need to stay in the same small group after each season.  We will have sign up sheets meaning that if you would like to try a different group or meet different people you are free to do so, in fact we would encourage it!

Our first season will be starting week commencing 25th September, and will cover the Bible from creation to Kings.  Sign up sheets (and possibly online signup sheets) will be made available in early September after the summer programme concludes.