Small groups are a vital part of any church.  We were all made by God to relate to others in friendship and fellowship and ‘do life’ together.  ‘No man’s an island’ as the song says!

We are now 2/3rds of the way into our new type of small group format using the Whiteboard Bible DVD and workbook materials (kindly provided by Pastor G.Allen Jackson and Pastor Malcolm Hedding of World Outreach Church).  The groups have been lots of fun and we are hearing great testimonies from them.

Our next season (6 or 7 week block) will begin Volume 3 which tracks the bible story from the Gospels to Jesus’s return.  The next sign up Sunday is the 8th April and we will start them on the W/C 16th April 2018.

Just to remind you, you are under no obligation to stay in the same small group after each season.  We will have sign up sheets on sign up Sunday meaning that if you would like to try a different group or meet different people you are free to do so, in fact we would encourage it!

Enjoy your small group!