Run the Race

3rd January 2016
In this message Rob encourages us at the start of this new year to run the race that is set before us by the Lord, unencumbered with the baggage of…

Remember what God said

27th December 2015
The memory of 2015 will bring mixed emotions. For some it's been a very difficult year and others will have come in to new and exciting challenges, but whatever has…

Fellowship with one another

8th November 2015
In this message Rob shares about the transformational power of the Gospel to help us realise we are forgiven children of God and so is everyone else!  It is this…

A heart that turns to God

6th September 2015
Pastor Rob Payet delivers a passionate sermon about the need for us to be experiencing and enjoying the transformational presence of God.  When we turn our hearts back to God we discern…

Renewal in vision

5th July 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 6:19-21 | Preacher: Rob Payet | Series: Renewal In this sermon Rob shares about the need for us to draw near to God in order to be able to see clearly the God-ordained path that He has for our lives.  He challenges us to think about where our treasure is, for that is where our hearts will be naturally drawn to, and encourages us to set our minds on things above (Colossians 3).