Faith and Works

19th July 2020
In this message Pastor Tino shares about the relationship between faith and works within the context of the Kingdom of God.
Continuing the Ways of Jesus series, Pastor Tino shares about how God wants not only to work "For us" but "in us and through us".  What does it look like…

Interaction and Reaction

26th May 2019
Dave Courtney continues our series on the Ways of Jesus.  He brings out how Jesus often ministered to individuals even in the midst of crowds and the interaction with them…
In this message David Courtney shares from 2 Peter chapter 1 and 2 about the Apostle Peter's great farewell speech and his exhortation to engage in the grace that leads…


28th October 2018
In this message Eddie Rainger shares his thoughts about the Grace of God and grace for each other.