In this message John Shergold reminds us about how God makes all things new and will redeem us all with the wedding feast of the Lamb.

Called to be Holy

16th September 2018
In this message John Shergold continues our series on the books of Peter sharing from 1 Peter chapter 1 verses 14 onwards on what it means to be Holy.
In this message John Shergold teaches us that faith isn't real until it is tested and when it is, God is truly at His closest!

Saul on the Damascus Road

22nd October 2017
In this message John Shergold shares about Saul's life being turned upside down by an encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road.
On Father's Day 2017, John Shergold introduces us to the Heavenly Father's wonderful heart of love and faithfulness.  Jai Edward and Jon Elms then share personal, warm and heartmoving testimonies…