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  • 30th September 2016 at 2:15 am

    hi rob glad you have seeked and in a position to speak it none of this is meant for criticism but every one has something the poor as well in acts 2.17 he will pure his spirit out on all mankind if you read the whole context to 22 the sun shall be turned into darkness seems to indicate end of the world and those who call on the name of the lord shall be saved .
    it is easy to take various scriptures and make our own gospel ie drink eat and be merry in Ecclesiastes 8.15 and the wedding were jesus made his first miracle i have know drunks who use this as an excuse to drink access and more recently a christian !

    i know scripture can be hard to understand thats why we need to read the whole bible acts 17.11and study it as i myself arnt particularity cleaver or good at English reading etc pretty poor but GOD has allowed me to read his word john 8.31 says if you abide in my word then you are my disciples to tarry or continue and 2 thess 2.10 because they dident recieve the love the truth so as to be saved im trying to give some foundation into the baptism and why people dont get it and pull those down who have it.
    its easy to preach all good GOD is good and dont have to repent and grace im not saying it you its what i have heard in kingsway and are creeping in slowly it makes it sound well i can do what i want and get away with it Jeremiah 9.24 states GOD isnt a farther Christmas but justice and psalm 19.9 the judements of the lord are true and righteous
    we cannot invoke GODS blessing and continue to sin it is possible to have a daring confidence in GODS goodness but they do not obey him and rationalize that he will always forgive them psalm 19.13 is something david prayed to protect him self

    isaiah 29.16 says shall the potter be considerd as equal to the clay
    isaiah 11.2-3 he will delight in the fear of the lord

    zephaniah 2 .3 seek the lord all you humble of the earth who have carried out his ordnances seek righteousness seek humility perhaps you will be hidden in the day of the lords anger 1 peter .4 for he has granted to us his precious promises and magnificent promises in order that by them you might become partakers of the devine nature then he gives a list to verse 8 last one being love i dont think this is hippy love were every thing goes but love through tests 1 cor chap13 love is the most important but can only get it though the tests in 2 peter 1.4
    revelation 3.18 .22 buying gold of jesus be zealous and repent he who has an ear can hear what the spirit is saying to the churches

    can i be baptised in spirit but breaking 1 cor 7 .39
    2 tim 4.2 convince rebuke and exhort that includes women as david pawson said the answer to churches problems is good systematic teaching of the bible should we listen to called bible teaches or ignore them specialy those who are still alive

    1 corinthians 7.27are you bound to a wife do not seek to be released are you released from a wife do not seek a wife .there it is its a sin to look for a wife and vise versa lust of the eye is from the world its god who does the match making

    women to dress modestly 1 tim2.9 !

    be holy because i am holy saith the lord
    should woman teach men ! 1 tim 2.12

    luke 15.7 joy in heaven when one sinner repents the dangers of unrepentant sinners laying hands on you for prayer or you praying for them sharing in their sins of deception
    1 tim 5.22 repentance isnt a change of thought but an action as the magicians burnt there books on magic who repented


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