1 thoughts on “The Kingdom of God for this present time

  • 28th August 2020 at 9:07 am

    Good Morning to you Pastor David, I am writing from Gibraltar. I have listen to your talk and I totally agree that we have to meet and praise our lord as he deserves. I have struggles daily as the enemy tends to run me down . But as you say prayer is one of , indeed. I asked Jesus christ to tell me a prayer to protect myself and i felt within me this prayer In the name of Jesus Christ protect my soul, my mind and my body with your grace, blood and love and eliminate all evil around me. I repeat this prayer three times before I go out. I will never give up Pastor David as you said to me that day.
    Praise to GOd for this testimony as he gives us HOPE, FAITH, to pray to Jesus Christ as he LISTENS to our prayers as he LOVES us dearly. We must not be afraid as we have Jesus Christ with us. I am persecuted in my own town, people trying to destroy me, provoking fights, but I just keep quiet and say In the name of Jesus Christ Stop. Just like yesterday in the bus stop. This man got in front of me and I had to say “In the name of Jesus Christ Stop” and he sat down. I have FAITH and LOVE of Jesus Christ. amen


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