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Worship by Lydia Courtney and Tino Todino. Sermon by Matt Thompson. NB. When Matt shared his screen his presentation and voice was recorded in the webinar but not his video…
Worship by Mark Hodge, Sermon by Pastor Rob Payet.
Worship led by Tino, sermon by Malcolm Hedding
Worship Led by Tino Todino. Sermon by David Elms
Worship led by Jai Edward and sermon by John Savage.
Worship by Mark Hodge, sermon by Rob Payet
Sunday Service 24th Jan 2021. Worship by Lydia and Josh, sermon by Dave Courtney
Worship led by Jai Edward. Sermon by David Elms.
Worship led by Mark Hodge. Sermon by Pastor Tino Todino
Worship led by Tino, Sermon by Pastor Rob
Worship led by Jai and Tino. Sermon by Pastor Rob Payyet
Our very different Christmas Carol Service 2020.
Sermon by Dave Courtney, Worship led by Mark Hodge

Dave Courtney speaks about how God delights over us, and how God not only loves us but likes us too!
Do we recognise and carry the aroma of Christ?
Remembrance Sunday 2020. Pastor Rob Payet speaking.
Kate Hutton speaks about the need for us to be Holy as God is Holy and challenges us to express that Holiness by imitatiing God and seeking justice for those…
Listen in as Jon Elms shares about the times and trials we are in.