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God the creator

17th February 2019
In this message founding pastor David Elms talks about God the creator who keeps His promises to Israel and to us as New Covenant believers.
Gordon Nelson encourages us by continuing our series on the books of Peter, this time looking at the role suffering plays in the life of a believer.

Being Yoked to Jesus

20th January 2019
There is joy and blessing when we choose to be yoked to Jesus. It requires a lifestyle change that says our service to Him comes before our function in the…
In this message Dave Courtney continues our series on the books of Peter by sharing about how the God of love wants the best for us, for us to lead…

Life is like a river

6th January 2019
Pastor Tino encourages us to reflect upon 2018 and ask 4 questions of the Lord that lead to genuine and lasting positive change. Tom McLelland testifies of what he has…
In this message Pastor Rob continues to draw from 1 Peter about how humility and service are important characteristics before God our Father.

Jimmy Brown

16th December 2018
Synopsis to follow

Dave Elms 9th Dec 2018

9th December 2018
Synopsis to follow

God will come

2nd December 2018
Pastor Tino begins Advent by reminding us that God will come. The incarnation shows us He comes in a manner that we are not expecting! Can we learn to be…
In this message Dave Courtney looks at how Jesus suffered, died once for all sin and how we in ourselves were too weak, too rebellious and neither knew how to…
In this message Pastor Tino shares about the primacy of love within relationships in the church in response to Jesus, Peter and Paul all admonishing us to above all, love…
Part 2. Pastor Rob completes his teaching on this passage. You are not here by chance but by God’s design and for His purpose.  You will be encouraged to focus building…

Dave Elms 4th November 2018

4th November 2018
Synopsis to follow


28th October 2018
In this message Eddie Rainger shares his thoughts about the Grace of God and grace for each other.

The Good News of Salvation

21st October 2018
Paul O’Higgins explains the good news of salvation. Jesus has taken your ‘Rap’ (the list of wrongs held against you), He has given you a new ‘Pump’, a brand new…

5 Keys to Abundant Living

21st October 2018
Paul O’Higgins speaks of 5 keys to abundant living from 2 Corinthians 8:7. Abounding in Faith, in speech, in knowledge, in love and in generosity. The key is firstly giving…
Preaching from 1 Peter 2:4-12 Rob talks about coming to Christ, the living stone where you find your life and renew your spiritual energies.

Types and Shadows

7th October 2018
Founding Pastor David Elms shares about the Feast of Tabernacles and how it is a type and shadow reflected in Christ.

What is our priority?

23rd September 2018
In this message Jimmy Brown encourages us to look at what is the priority in our lives and challenges us that in all things, it should be Jesus that is…
In this message John Shergold continues our series on the books of Peter sharing from 1 Peter chapter 1 verses 14 onwards on what it means to be Holy.