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In this live video Dave Courtney shares about Jesus our High Priest and the veil of the temple being torn in two.

Watch as Pastor Tino shares his thoughts on the cross this Good Friday.
Watch as Founding Pastor David Elms shares about Palm Sunday and Passover.
In times of crisis God gives us grace gifts.  Learn about the gift of reset and redeeming the time in this sermon.
Lovely message from Pastor Rob about the devotion of a women aware of her many sins and the devotion of Jesus' washing His disciples feet. Devotion to Jesus is an…

God’s Way

8th March 2020
Philosophy asks, "what is a good life and how then should we live?" Dave reminds us to choose the narrow way, seeking first the Kingdom of God.

Going Deeper

1st March 2020
Dave tells us that God's plan for our lives will not be achieved in the safety of shallow waters. We must push out to sea and go deeper in Him.…


23rd February 2020
Pastor Rob brings us the final message in the Paraclesis series. The challenge is to connect with the world but not conform to it.


16th February 2020
Kate leads us in the 5th in the Paraclesis series looking at the theme of journeying. Even whilst making the ultimate journey toward Jerusalem and the cross, Jesus still had…

Choose Life

9th February 2020
Pastor Tino takes us into the second half of our Paraclesis series by asking how we respond to life's difficult circumstances. Can we accept God's Hope in the midst of…

Journeying Together

2nd February 2020
In this message Pastor Rob continues the Paraclesis series by encouraging us to follow Christ's example in how to come alongside others on their journey.

Love Comes Alongside

26th January 2020
In this message Dave Courtney continues our Paraclesis series challenging us to show the compassion of God in actions.

Who Cares?

19th January 2020
Today we began a new series called "Paraclesis" which runs side by side our new small group season by the same name. In this sermon Pastor Tino asks the question…

The Power of Praise

12th January 2020
In this message Paul Duckworth speaks about the power of praise to transform our hearts and circumstances.
In this message Pastor Rob begins the year by encouraging us not to make our own plans and try to get Jesus to fit into them, but to listen for…

The Wholly Otherness of God

29th December 2019
In this message David Elms talks about how God is "Wholly other" than man, and how we cannot simply think that God is like man to the power of X! …
In this message, Dave Courtney helps us to refocus our minds and hearts upon the greatest gift that God gives; Himself in the flesh, Jesus our Lord!  A gift given…
Following on from the teaching this is the Q&A session at the end of the final session of the Prophetic People series.
This is the final session of the Prophetic People series that was held here at Kingsway.  This is the recording of the teaching part. A second upload will give you…