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26th July 2020

26th July 2020
Join Dave Courtney as he encourages us from God's Word
In this message Pastor Tino shares about the relationship between faith and works within the context of the Kingdom of God.
Pastor Rob speaks about devotion to God and one another. Communion brings together individuals who love the Lord into loving community with servant-hood at its heart.
Dave Courtney shares about being in the Fathers house
Listen as Pastor Tino shares what it means to be authentically whole as a human being made in the image of God.

No Compromise

21st June 2020
God is awakening his church. Now is not the time to compromise, but to love and serve the Lord with all your heart. Choose this day whom you will serve.
In this message Dave Courtney speaks on how an extraordinary God is interested in our ordinary lives.
Be encouraged by David Elms as he shares about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the mountains in the Bible.
In this message David Elms shares from Isaiah 43 to encourage us about the Valleys we see in the Bible, leading to the Valley of Hope we find in Christ.
In this message Pastor Tino asks us whether we are persuaded to trust in the word and love of God our saviour
In this message Dave Courtney shares about how the lovingkindness of the Lord is better than life.  We can rely on him for everything we need.
Pastor Rob draws lessons from the account of Elijah on Mount Carmel in 1 kings 18 to encourage the church to restore true and authentic worship.
In this message Pastor Tino encourages us not to seek out who is to blame but instead work the works of Love in every situation and circumstance.
In this live video Dave Courtney shares about Jesus our High Priest and the veil of the temple being torn in two.

Watch as Pastor Tino shares his thoughts on the cross this Good Friday.
Watch as Founding Pastor David Elms shares about Palm Sunday and Passover.
In times of crisis God gives us grace gifts.  Learn about the gift of reset and redeeming the time in this sermon.
Lovely message from Pastor Rob about the devotion of a women aware of her many sins and the devotion of Jesus' washing His disciples feet. Devotion to Jesus is an…

God’s Way

8th March 2020
Philosophy asks, "what is a good life and how then should we live?" Dave reminds us to choose the narrow way, seeking first the Kingdom of God.