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In this message David Chronic from "Word Made Flesh" ministries shares with us about our precious identity in Christ.  He shares about the time of Jesus in the wilderness and…
In this message John Shergold brings out the need for us to be counter cultural and freely, without conditions on our part,  receive His unconditional grace. Are we prepared to…
In this message Pastor Tino uses scripture and testimony to remind us of the spiritual blessings of being in Christ and how God has chosen and predestined all those in…
In this message Pastor Rob introduces the book of Ephesians and the Apostle Paul's life. In this book we find powerful truths that were written for the encouragement of the…
This message by Pastor Tino follows on from "Strength for the Journey".  It highlights the things that cause us to halt in our progress towards fulfilling that which God has…

A love we must never lose

4th December 2016
In this message Pastor Rob talks about the importance of not losing our first love.  Our passion and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

God of restoration

27th November 2016
In this message Dave Meath shares about the restorative power of God

The Church

13th November 2016
In this message Pastor Rob teaches about what the church is all about. Fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread and teaching.

Be still and know

30th October 2016
Dave Courtney shares with us the things God has been speaking to him about around these powerful verses.  What does it mean to 'Be still and know' that God is…

Two questions from God

16th October 2016
In this message Marian Chester shares from the heart 2 questions that God has been impressing on her. Are you prepared to go deeper with God? Are you prepared to…
In this message John Shergold encourages us to put on the whole armour of God and be prepared for the challenging times and seasons ahead.

Strength for the Journey

2nd October 2016
In this message Pastor Tino shares about the life journey of pilgrimage using the life of Abraham and personal testimony.  He shares 4 key points that will give us encouragement…

The Lord’s Prayer

25th September 2016
This message from Pastor Rob Payet is based on the Lords Prayer and was given during the National Prayer Weekend on 25th September 2016. It encourages us to understand prayer…

An Eternal Perspective – Part 2

18th September 2016
In this message Liz Todino shares the second part of her message on having an eternal perspective.  Liz shares honestly from her testimony about how easy it is to get bogged down…

We are His Workmanship

11th September 2016
In this message Pastor Rob encourages us that God has made each one of us perfectly for His perfect plan for our lives.  We are His prized possession and He…
In this powerful message Malcolm....er....Clive Corfield shares about 4 powerful truths to remember no matter what we are going through in our lives.
In this message Pastor Rob Payet shares about the importance of coming together to remember the Lord's death, burial and resurrection, through taking communion regularly.
In this message Liz Todino shares with humour and conviction parts of her own journey of awakening to realise that we all need to live with an eternal rather than…
Visiting speaker Len Grates shares about the faithfulness of God and the need to pray for our nation in these politically uncertain times after the recent EU Referendum.  
In this message Dave Courtney shares from the Bible and from his own personal testimony about the abundant heart of love and goodness within our heavenly Father.