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Message synopsis to follow
In this message John Shergold shares about Saul's life being turned upside down by an encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road.
The twelve disciples were ordinary men with personality types we can all relate to in some measure. They were people just like us and others we know. We can cringe,…

A tale of 2 mountains

8th October 2017
In this message, Pastor Tino shares from Matthew 17 and Exodus 19 about the journey from seeing the back of God at Mount Sinai to seeing the face of God…
Dave Elms - Message from 1st October 2017 Synopsis to follow
In this message John Savage teaches from the Acts of the Apostles about our need to be open, available and responsive to God.
In this message Gordon Nelson speaks about life in the dimension of the Spirit as taught through the book of Acts.  He draws upon the imagery of spiritual warfare in…
In this message Pastor Rob launches our new series on the book of Acts.  He speaks about the Ascension of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
At the close of our Holiday Club week, Sue Rainger and Pastor Tino share a story and then a powerful life lesson from the life of one of the disciples,…

The River of God

30th July 2017
In this message Jonathan Elms shares the story of the Israelite's through the Scriptures and points us towards the River of God spoken of by the prophet Ezekiel.

Treasures in Heaven

23rd July 2017
In this emotive message Liz Todino shares about what we can do to turn our hearts from earthly treasures to focusing on what enriches our lives and stores up for…
In this message Dave Courtney speaks about God's work in tearing the veil of the temple and busting out to be with His creation!
In this message Pastor Tino Todino shares from Scripture and his own experience about how the power of love conquers the voice of shame. Once you have listened to the…


2nd July 2017
In this message Pastor Rob Payet encourages the church around the subject of Forgiveness.
In this message Pastor Rob preaches the glory of God revealed in and through Christ and how the veil that keeps us from understanding is taken away only in Christ.
On Father's Day 2017, John Shergold introduces us to the Heavenly Father's wonderful heart of love and faithfulness.  Jai Edward and Jon Elms then share personal, warm and heartmoving testimonies…

5 Blind Men

11th June 2017
Looking at the five blind men's healing in the gospels, focusing on the healing in John 9, Jesus uses different methods to heal each, however He never asks the blind…
In this special service founding pastor David Elms shares his testimony of being physically brought back from the brink of death following an aortic aneurysm.
In this message Marian Chester encourages us by examples from the Word of God about the power of corporate prayer when it is led by the Holy Spirit.
In this message Pastor Rob finishes our season on Ephesians by pointing out that the final word to the Ephesians was to pray.  Prayer is the apex and culmination of…