1 thoughts on “The Name of God

  • 23rd November 2019 at 2:45 am

    My Friend in The Lord, David,
    I’ve just been listening to your explanation ‘The meaning and the development of the name and titles of God in Scripture.’ Thank you for all your efforts and research. It’s because of your efforts that I can now share, with you, the results of this amazing find and know why The precious Name of our Wonderful Lord was Commanded to be given as JESUS…. The Most Powerful NAME EVER To be spoken through The Holy Spirit. And, thank you for teaching me the new chorus ‘Praise The NAME of JESUS’…..

    Interestingly, For many years I have also been telling people The Holy Bible is the only Book in the world that reads the reader.

    Again my Friend, thank you so much for your ministry,



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