On this page you will be able to stream or download MP3 versions of our latest sermons.  If you have a podcasting app on your Phone, PC or Tablet, you can find us by searching for “Kingsway Christian Fellowship Liverpool” or by using the Podcast feed URL.  If you use Itunes you can find us here


Jesus our Hope

6th December 2015
In this message Tino exhorts us to once again remember that we have a Saviour whose name is Jesus, and that He is the one in which we can have real…

Abraham – A friend of God

22nd November 2015
In this message John shares about the story of Abraham and the importance of listening and responding to God's instructions.  Abraham was instructed to 'Get out of his country" to…
In this message Rob shares about the transformational power of the Gospel to help us realise we are forgiven children of God and so is everyone else!  It is this…

The Way Of the Cross

1st November 2015
In this sermon Tino teaches about the Way of the Cross as modelled by Jesus in His death and resurrection.  In the spiritual realm we are called to allow the 'old…

Members of one another

18th October 2015
In this inspiring and uplifting message Roy Morgan shares what it means to be connected as members of one another in the body of Christ.

The Feast of Tabernacles

11th October 2015
In this message Founding Pastor David Elms shares about the riches of the typology in the feast of tabernacles and how it relates to us under the new covenant in…