9th July 2017 ()

Bible Text: 1 John 4:18 |

In this message Pastor Tino Todino shares from Scripture and his own experience about how the power of love conquers the voice of shame.

Once you have listened to the sermon, there are some reflection questions that you can download and use to help you process your shame and see it transformed through healing.


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2 thoughts on “Love is greater than shame

  • 29th July 2017 at 1:38 am

    love isnt the only part of GODS character jer 9.24 says let him who boasts boast of this that he understands and knows me i think thats why many books have been written people are trying to understand him he is quite big but has feeling too.

    i have nineteen scriptures here on the fear of the lord and there is probley a lot more 30 plus . 1 PETER 1 .17.18 conduct yourselves in fear during your time on the earth
    GOD IS GOD OF JUDGEMENT ecc 11.9 he is GOD OF anger micah 7.18 nahum 1.3. AMOS CHAP 9
    habakkuk 1 .13 the eyes of the lord are to pure to approve evil .
    zephaniah chap 1 verse 5 is a mixture as they worship two gods GODS

    GOD doesent love us enough to say keep sinning there all covered
    its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD
    1 john 1.8 if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves
    1 peter 4.17-18 for it is time for judgement to begin with the household of GOD
    1 john 1.9 1john 2.1

    we also can be cut off romans 21 – 22
    hebrews 13.8 GOD is the same yesterday and today and forever

    heb 10.31 deut there are curses for disobedience in deut chap 28 which go to 3-4 th generation
    The tower of siloam luke 13.4-5
    psalm 118.18 the lord has disciplined me severely

    THE lord tests jeremiah 20.12 the lord tests the righteous jer 20.7 O lord thou has deceived me the late derek prince said that the lord gives vision then it goes the opposite way . consider abraham joseph and david were tested and paul
    and tests in 2 peter .5 perseverance can be seen as sanctification because then follows holiness which no one will see GOD without it and if we fail the tests we have got to go back and complete it .
    IF you abide in my word then you are truly disciples of mine and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free verse 36 of john chap 8 if the son shall make you free he doesent make every one free but in verse 31 theres a condition
    to abide means tarry greek number 3306 1 john 2 3.6

    psalm 92 v 15 Jeremiah 23.6

    are first thing is to love jesus as we can do nothing without him revelation chap 2 verse 4
    revelation 3.5 our names can be erased from the book of life if we dont follow the conditions and verse 19 those who i love i reprove and dicipline be zealous therefore and repent . consider the magicians who burnt all there occultic books this was more than change of thought
    revelation 21 verse 8 people will be hell for unbelieving cowardly abominable men dressing as women murderers immoral persons sorcerers and isolators and liars

    consider what happening in lpool on sat 29th july and bishop of liverpool paul bayes
    and how britain is going and the world and how close we are to the end of all things jesus is coming back for those who are watching and ready with oil we start in spirit then made perfect in the flesh

    • 4th August 2017 at 10:41 am

      Thanks for your comments Steve.

      There are a many things that scripture declares God to be. However, what Jesus says carries the most weight since He is the express image of God. Jesus said, I and the Father are one. Jesus said the Father is Good. John speaks of God being love, light in whom there is no darkness at all.

      It is important to know that the scriptures are MULTI-VOCAL. That means there are parts of scripture that show a progression in understanding and development of the revelation of God’s nature. Therefore there are parts that disagree with each other. For example, take the issue of sacrifice. Moses declares that God mandates it, the prophets declare that God hates sacrifice and doesn’t delight in it and Jesus says that He requires Mercy and not sacrifice and the author of the book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus ends sacrifice. This shows a progression of understanding over time, which is exactly the way God works with everyone. It is not enough to cherry pick scripture without understanding that one of the key points of the Bible is that God takes a people that didn’t know Him (complete with their worldviews, cultural influences etc) and takes them on a journey of understanding what He is like culminating in the self revelation of God in Christ. Remember the transfiguration, Moses (Law), Elijah (Prophets) and Jesus (the way, the truth. the life). Only Jesus remained!!

      That is really important. Jesus HAS TO BE the plumbline by which we measure scripture. He is the logos of God, the living Word by which we understand the written Word. It is impossible in my opinion to use Moses to tell Jesus to shut up.

      God bless you


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