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Jesus our Hope

6th December 2015
In this message Tino exhorts us to once again remember that we have a Saviour whose name is Jesus, and that He is the one in which we can have real…

Abraham – A friend of God

22nd November 2015
In this message John shares about the story of Abraham and the importance of listening and responding to God's instructions.  Abraham was instructed to 'Get out of his country" to…
In this message Rob shares about the transformational power of the Gospel to help us realise we are forgiven children of God and so is everyone else!  It is this…

The Way Of the Cross

1st November 2015
In this sermon Tino teaches about the Way of the Cross as modelled by Jesus in His death and resurrection.  In the spiritual realm we are called to allow the 'old…

Members of one another

18th October 2015
In this inspiring and uplifting message Roy Morgan shares what it means to be connected as members of one another in the body of Christ.

The Feast of Tabernacles

11th October 2015
In this message Founding Pastor David Elms shares about the riches of the typology in the feast of tabernacles and how it relates to us under the new covenant in…
In this message Rob picks up where he left off in his last message from 1 Samuel about hearts that are turned towards the Lord and hungry for Him.  …

Go ye for God is with you

27th September 2015
David Chronic shares about how we are God's presence, and His hands and feet in the world.  It is a profound grace and privilege to understand that we are called and…
In this message John gives us keys and observations from Lazurus's story that help us overcome: unbelief fear disappointment opposition jealousy and rivalry fear of the past in our lives.…
In this sermon Evangelist Paul Duckworth shares that the key to effective witness is the power of the Holy Spirit.

A heart that turns to God

6th September 2015
Pastor Rob Payet delivers a passionate sermon about the need for us to be experiencing and enjoying the transformational presence of God.  When we turn our hearts back to God we discern…
Following a prophetic word from Dave Elms about coming out of the Shadowlands, Howard Morgan took up that word and shared about how we come out of the shadowlands into the…

Renewal of the mind

19th July 2015
In this message Sue Payet shares about renewal from the context of renewing our minds with in the image of God with the Word of God.
In this message John Shergold shares about the Samaritan woman at the well in John chapter 4 and how Jesus won her heart through and encounter with His mercy and…

Renewal in vision

5th July 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 6:19-21 | Preacher: Rob Payet | Series: Renewal In this sermon Rob shares about the need for us to draw near to God in order to be able to see clearly the God-ordained path that He has for our lives.  He challenges us to think about where our treasure is, for that is where our hearts will be naturally drawn to, and encourages us to set our minds on things above (Colossians 3).  
Bible Text: Daniel 1 | Preacher: John Savage | Series: Renewal In this message John Savage shares about a renewal in discipleship.  He shares about the spiritual key of discipline within our discipleship, and the training and equipping that takes place when we follow spiritual disciplines as followers (disciples) of our Lord Jesus Christ. As part of this message John showed a video clip, however we had a technical hiccup and the sound wasn't present.  I have uploaded that clip HERE for you to enjoy.
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 30:1-16 | Preacher: Tino Todino | Series: Renewal In this message Families Pastor Tino Todino shares around the topic of encouragement and the renewal of encouragement in our midst.  In it you will hear about how we become encouragers to others within the body and how to recover from a position of discouragement, despair or grief.
Bible Text: Habakkuk 3 | Preacher: David Elms | Series: Renewal In this message Founding Pastor David Elms encourages us in our faith, through the good and the difficult times.  He also shares from John 15 about our need to stay close to God and abide in the vine.
Preacher: Roy Morgan | Series: Renewal In this sermon Roy Morgan shares with us about how we should live as ambassadors of Christ within God's world.
Bible Text: Romans 12:1-6 | Preacher: Rob Payet | Series: Renewal In this message Rob shares about God's plans for our lives and the importance of being attentive to His plan by offering ourselves wholeheartedly as 'living sacrifices' to the Lord.  In it Rob begins to unpack what our service to God should look like.