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In this message Marian Chester encourages us by examples from the Word of God about the power of corporate prayer when it is led by the Holy Spirit.
In this message Pastor Rob finishes our season on Ephesians by pointing out that the final word to the Ephesians was to pray.  Prayer is the apex and culmination of…

Little Red Riding Hood

14th May 2017
In this message Dr Howard Morgan teaches that we are in a spiritual battle, but the devil has little interest in those who are content with the world. God is…
In this message Dave Courtney shares from Ephesians 6:1-4 about its exhortation to us to excellence in family relationships.
In this message Tom McLelland teaches that our position 'In Christ' is the motivation for how we practice and outwork our faith, particularly in the realm of relationships. Ephesians 6:5-9…

He is Risen!

16th April 2017
Be encouraged as Pastor Rob shares his Resurrection Sunday address.
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